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EasyHear is a technological company with R&D teams in North America and Asia, focusing on advanced hearing technologies.  reduction technology on hearing aids and has won numerous renowned global awards. 

EasyHear was established in 2005. We are the world’s first company successfully that applied 5G beamforming technology to hearing aids. The technology has significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio which overcome the annoying loud noise problem that plagues traditional hearing aids. Hearing impaired people can rebuild communication and listen clearly with this ground-breaking patented technology. Other new tecnologies include Hi-Fi Speech Boosting Technology and Adaptive Voice Pattern Tracking etc.

The brand name ” EasyHear ” not only stands for the new generation of hearing aid but our team’s commitment in serving the hearing impaired community.

Traditional hearing aids problems: loud noise, unclear speech, expensive

Loud Noise

“Noisy”, “unwanted sounds” are hearing aid wearers’ major complaints. They may therefore leave hearing loss untreated. This leaves them vulnerable to mis-communication or many other problems. Noise cancellation is crucial and yet even expensive models may fail to deliver due to technical incompetence.

Noise will cover up speech content, leaving users lost communication with family and friends. Alarming sounds signal may also be masked, imposing potential danger to users.

Unclear Speech

Audibility, especially on speech, is worsened when in noisy environment. Hearing loss due to ageing usually first appears in high frequencies. Hence, higher volume alone cannot address audibility. Amplifiers or some hearing aids just increase volume for all sounds.  Not only speech remains unclear, high volume will damage the residual hearing.



Hearing aid, just like eye glasses, is a  necessity for people with hearing loss. Wearing appropriate hearing aids can help them resume normal social and work life.

Prices of hearing aids range from a few thousand (e.g. amplifier) to over few hundred thousand. Restricted by technology, expensive hearing aids do not necessary have good noise cancellation performance and good speech processing capabilities

R&D Based in Canada & Asia
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EasyHear is the first hearing aid brand with research, development, production and maintenance service all rooted in Canada and Asia. We are committed to serve the hearing impaired community with top notch technology. The first EasyHear was worn by the mother of inventor and founder, Mr. Danny Cheung’s mother. Our brand has been experiencing promising growth and users’ support since then, not only in Canada and Asia but many other countries. EasyHear proprietary award-winning 5G beamforming technology is now registered in 16 countries and regions.

“EasyHear easy life” is made possible with technology advancement. In 2012, EasyHear received the prestigious Chairman’s Award from WITSA, the renowned “ICT Olympics”. Our team has been conducting R&D and technology upgrade for over 14 years. We are committed to accompany hearing impaired people to tackle their problems, rebuild communication and listen to the world again.

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