wowNice is a hearing device that have advanced speech enhancing technologies like “award winning 5G beamforming noise reduction tech” and “Hi-Fi 24 bits high-resolution speech enhancing tech”. You can now enjoy clarity of speech even in noisy and complicated environment. 

If you have a hearing test, please send to us. It would be helpful to fine-tune wowNice to best fit for your hearing situation when we send you the product. Fitting can also done through online remote fitting. We will adjust the setting based on your feedback through the phone.

Genius is a hearing device tailored for hard of hearing people with advanced 5G noise reduction technology. It is designed with multiple hearing support at your finger tips. You can now enjoy speech clarity with Genius.  

Genius has multiple setting to suit your specific hearing need. You can adjust the left and right volume independently, listening modes, front focus or 360 degree listening etc. Refer to the user manual or video and start the setting adjustment. 

wowNice is suitable for most of the people who need further enhancement of speech listening in complicated environment. You can self adjust the setting to suit your specific need. Or you may book an appointment with us to do further fine tuning.