wowNice - MusicPlus - Perhaps the best hearing device for music enjoyment

EasyHear firmly believes that music is essential. Therefore we design the first hearing device with dual equalizers: delivering the best acoustic quality for both speech & music. With independent music EQ, Hi-Fi hardware / software and classic Bluetooth connection, wowNice is probably the best hearing device for Hi-Fi compatible music enjoyment.  Richness in music, including treble and bass is genuinely presented and never before so enjoyable to user.


Tze Shing – an university student majoring in music. Has been using hearing devices since childhood.

“With wowNice, now the low, middle and high pitches just come back to life. Music notes have never been heard so beautifully. I can now enjoy orchestra performance in a concert hall effortlessly.”

wowNice App

wowNice app is the perfect companion to personalize speech settings as to optimize experiences in different complicated environments.

Group interaction mode, TV mode, noise reduction long distance listening mode are preset modes which could be further customised according to your personal preferences.

wowNice is the first hearing device in the world to have two independent equalizers for speech setting and music enjoyment. With independent music EQ, you can really enjoy the rhythms and melody of your favourite music.

Through wowNice app, remote fitting and fine-tuning of speech hearing settings are made possible, offering convenient option beyond conventional hearing centre service.


Stylish and sleek, wowNice is a perfect gadget for young people and active people.

Remote Care

You can now relax and enjoy closer attention to suit your daily needs through remote caring service. Tuning and adjustment have never been so easy. Book an appointment with us now.

Experience Process

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3. Book a remote tuning appointment upon received wowNice

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Risk Free Shopping

Lifetime free servicing

As time goes by, you will have changing needs in hearing. wowNice service team will always attend to your needs without additional cost via email, phone or remote fitting

Two years warranty

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30 days satisfaction guaranteed

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Payment by installments

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* Risk-free refers to 30-day trial only, and requires product purchase. Call us to return the product within 45 days from ship-out date to return shipment date as indicated on the postage document. Please call us to register your return. It is subject to USD150 of restocking fee. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions/weight without the cable

  • Headphones: 82 cm (27g)
  • Case: 9.5g
  • Battery charging time: Up to 3 hours
  • Battery life: Up to 9 to 13.3 hours per full charge on average based on the volume level
  • Headset
  • Carrying case
  • 3 sizes of ear tips : S, M, L
  • USB charging cable

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